Returning after a long hiatus and, synchronicity

Birthday Flowers 1Today I made a pact with myself to start back up with posting my daily paintings.  I have also been wondering about a painting I donated awhile back.  Who knew the two things would coincide on the same day?

Thanks to Marisa Haedeke of Creative Thursday, her In The Fishbowl e-course I took this summer and all “The Fishies”; and to Danny Gregory and the encouragement of his Everyday Matters Group, I am happy to return to start anew…

First, I am posting an impromptu painting I did this weekend at The SheArt Network show.  I got a beautiful bouquet of flowers on my birthday and these flowers are part of that bouquet that was so colorful.  Like some writers have a way with words, God has a way with flowers–I am always amazed at their beauty, it just takes my breath away.

And, Still Life: Blue Bottle & Rose is up for auction at Rhode Island PBS’s website which started today.  That answers that question.

Till tomorrow…


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