Breath-taking Surprise

I couldn’t start my day without writing to Julian Merrow-Smith first–to thank him.  I received his book, Postcard from Provence, in the mail yesterday.  It is absolutely breathtaking.

I had forgotten that the book was on its way to me so when I opened the package, it was a very pleasant surprise to behold, indeed.  My dream since, well…  forever, has been to spend a month in Provence painting and living as the natives do.  Looking at Julian’s wonderful work has hastened the urgency to make it happen.  I spent about hours last night just taking each painting in, as though I was standing behind him watching him paint.  Oh, to be a fly on the wall…

I love that he paints with so much bright color.  In print, they are living beings.  In person, they must be overwhelming.  It has to be much like seeing Van Gogh’s The Cottage (1885) for the first time at MoMA in NY in the Van Gogh And The Colors Of The Night exhibit.  On-line and in the accompanying book to the exhibit, the painting is dark and unlikable.  But in person, it breathes.  It has life.  It lives.  I couldn’t walk away from it.  You HAVE to see it in person to know what I mean.  It’s the very same with Postcard from Provence.  I will spend more hours with it, just in awe.

I have only just started painting en plein air and Julian’s book has inspired me to explore more defiantly.  The book is an awesome addition to anyone’s collection, especially artists.

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