Happy Holidays


We had a good Christmas with a minor snafu.  One son’s absence was very evident–a few minutes via video mail to Wisconsin had to suffice.  My other son, the host, cooked a prime rib again only not on the grill…  The propane tank had the wrong nozzle and, therefore, couldn’t be used for the grill.  The scramble was on for a roasting pan large enough to fit a 19-lb roast.  Pan located, rack missing.  Rack was at ‘the shop’.  A trip to the shop to retrieve the rack also bagged some coffee as there was none at home to serve invited guests.  Grazing on desserts, salsa, crackers, cheeses, guacamole and chips and creating festive trial “eggnogs” afforded us to embibe in more conversation than what otherwise would have been had.  Once everyone arrived, attacked the presents under the tree and cousins played for awhile in the playroom in the basement, the roast was finished and we were hungry enough to enjoy it.  More conversation ensued, cousins left and the base family’s home returned to normal…  Merry Christmas and may God bless you all.



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