My Favorite Classical Piece

My favorite classical album…  It came to me in a dream–literally.  I had my clock radio set to wake me up to classical music.  Still asleep, I dream I’m on an artist retreat in Rockport.  I’m on the pier, painting with other artists, on our fourth day and it’s a free-paint day.  I’m just realizing that I got to the fourth day without feeling like I’ve fallen behind on any one day and, I am only now feeling like I’ve hit my saturation point.  I need to take a break.  All of a sudden, I hear the most beautiful violin playing this most beautiful music.  I turn to put my brushes aside when the violinist walks along the edge of the pier to the end, still playing the tune.  I sit back in my chair, close my eyes and just listen.  The violin, so crisp and clear–most certainly it is a finely crafted instrument.  I couldn’t get over how beautiful it sounded–how my ear picked it up right away–it was so striking.  I kept listening and didn’t let anything else interfere…  I could listen to this tune all day.  I had to find out who this person was, was the violin anything special?  If not, this violinist is a master …  Where did he come from?  Why was he there?  What is this piece he’s playing?  As the piece ended, I began to wake …  My clock said:  5:23 a.m.  It was Friday, I’m remembering.  That music!  It made it into my dream!  How?  How could it do that?  OMG…  I had to find out what was playing before I woke up and if, it was what I was hearing in my dream.  I called the radio station.  The woman was so excited that I liked the music–they, at the radio station, love this album.  The music was Romance in F Minor, Op. 11 by Dvorak, #7 on this album.  She told me I could get the album at HMG.  She told me a little bit of the violinist, Ivan Zenaty, and of his violin.  That was about 15 years ago.  If I get married again, I’m going to play this piece at my wedding–Or, ask Mr. Zenaty if he will. 😉

Vanhal/ Myslivecek/ Dvorak:  Violin Concertos

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